When it comes to the 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat SRT, we feel like kids in a candy store. The Hellcat itself behaves more like a bull in china shop, so the metaphor to really understand it somewhere between the two. 

The growl of the available V8 engine puts out an amazing 485 horsepower, and the urge to test its limits turns man back to his animalistic past. Just look at it, listen to the power under the iconic flat hood.

The interior skips no detail, with your needs in mind. Designed to be the ultimate driving experience,  it is compete with a touchscreen infotainment system to keep you connected to the outside world while your hands stay on the steering wheel. In other words, you can pay more attention to the driving part of the ride of your life.

For information on this 2014 Dodge Challenger or any other Dodge vehicle, stop by our dealership in Mankato, MN. Go ahead, dream big.

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