A Glance at Chrysler's Most Memorable Super Bowl Ad

While the Super Bowl is clearly targeted to football fans, you don't have to be a sports enthusiast to find something to enjoy on Sunday night. Some people watch purely for the half-time show, while others stay tuned just for the commercials.

Everyone knows that the TV ads worth seeing play during the Super Bowl and over the years, we've seen our share of some good ones. Chrysler's "Born of Fire" commercial didn't only resonate with us, here at Lager's of Mankato, but with many experts in the industry.

The ad, starring Eminem alongside the classy Chrysler 200, took home an Emmy as well as five awards at Cannes.

Refresh your memory with a quick watch:

What do you watch the Super Bowl for-- football, the ads, or the half-time show? Tell us in a comment below!

As for the vehicles you see on TV this weekend, feel free to check them out in person with a visit to our dealership in Mankato, MN.

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