2014 Jeep Cherokee is a Keen Companion for Adventurers Everywhere

Every now and then, an SUV comes along that was built to scale mountains to the very peak. One such vehicle is the 2014 Jeep Cherokee, which we gave you taster of on our blog last month. It's arrived in our showroom now, and the Jeep brand is undertaking quite a unique advertising campaign for the new vehicle.

Of course, the vehicle itself is unique, as we told you. Fronted by a determined, shark-like front end, accented by narrowed headlights, this is the kind of SUV that people notice. That outstanding look was also intended to make the new Cherokee a keen companion for adventures both on road, and off.

That's why the Jeep brand is kicking off their marketing campaign with a TV spot called "Built Free," which focuses on the diverse and determined spirit of those who drive the automaker's cars.

"The Jeep brand has a rich history steeped in the unrelenting pursuit of freedom," said the Chrysler Group's Chief Marketing Officer, Olivier Francois.  "The return of the Jeep Cherokee and the 'Built Free' campaign serves as a reminder that we can fulfill our daily responsibilities and still follow our innate desire to explore new and different experiences."1

If you long for an SUV that can give you a smooth ride on life's many highways, yet still cater to aimless wanderings, the Cherokee might just be your automotive soul mate. Drop by Lager's of Mankato, located in Mankato, MN and get behind the wheel for a test drive. You can also check out the "Built Free" advertisement below.

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