Chrysler Promotes Youth Literacy in Detroit

Here at Lager's of Mankato, we know a lot about the value of an education. That's why we're thrilled to hear that one of our favorite automakers, Chrysler, is getting involved with a new project in its hometown. The brand will forever be part of the fabric of Detroit, as it was founded in and is still headquartered in the Motor City. In order to help give back to the community this year, Chrysler is sponsoring a new initiative called "Meet Up and Eat Up."

This initiative is being made with the United Way and Scholastic, and will distribute 150,000 new books at events in the metro area throughout the summer. The plan is to help teach youth in the city about the importance of literacy, and will also provide a good, nutritious meal free of cost, to ensure these children are getting enough to eat even when school isn't in session. We love this program, and are happy to see the company's efforts to do good.

"We hope the distribution of these books inspires children's imaginations and helps to provide them with some of the necessary tools they'll need to achieve a limitless future,"1 says president and cEO of Chrysler Brand of the Chrysler Group, LLC.

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